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Allergies in Babies and Toddlers

If your little bundle of joy has a rash or dry skin, allergy could be the reason. Allergies in babies and toddlers may range from a little rash to belly pain or a cough. An allergy is an immune reaction to an allergen, which could be food or …

How to Raise A Child With Autism Spectrum Disorder

As a parent to an autistic child, you are deeply concerned about your baby’s development and ability to interact and communicate. A complex developmental disability, autism spectrum disorder or ASD affects a child’s ability to communicate. As a result, the child lags behind in various aspects and needs …

9 Tips for Parents on Handling Sibling Rivalry

Sibling rivalry tests the conflict resolution skills of parents. It is normal to see tensions and disagreements between siblings. However, there is no deep-rooted enmity at the base, but a growing affirmation of individuality. With tactful handling of sibling rivalry, you can establish lasting peace between them. It …

How To Help Kids With Homework: Tips for Parents

Homework is the first step for a kid to develop study habits. Parents can help kids with homework to facilitate their fast learning and academic progress. Studies show kids actively supported by parents in doing their homework become more successful in school. However, parents must draw a clear …

Child Language Development: Things You Must Know

Child language development starts early. It begins with gestures and vocalization, evolving through babbling and imitation of sounds, and nonsense syllables turn into meaningful words. With brain development facilitating the ability to express, your child masters language skills through social interaction and increased understanding. Child language development is …

11 Tips To Teach Kids Healthy Habits

Teach your kids healthy habits early in life. Empower them to focus and build on those inculcated habits as he makes progress in life. Let the child understand the benefits of good habits and resist bad ones. Health is wealth and healthy habits are essential for its preservation. …

Child Developmental Delays: Identify Symptoms Early On

Child developmental delays refers to a substantial lag and characterized by missed growth milestones. It is visible in one or more areas at a time and has the potential to impact the future skills of the child. The delay could be enduring, with your child lagging behind permanently …

Bedwetting: Tips To Help Your Child Stop Wetting the Bed

Bedwetting is an embarrassing issue for a school-going child as well as his parents. The involuntary action, though not uncommon, is an agony for children past their childhood. Here is a deeper insight into the causes for bedwetting along with solutions to help your child stop wetting the …

Thumb Sucking Habit: Why Does It Happen, How To Stop

Thumb sucking is a natural activity of a baby. It starts when the baby is in the womb and normally stops as they grow up. However, when a kid continues to suck his or her thumb beyond infancy, it becomes a habit. Parents find it tough to break …
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Follow these parenting tips to become a better and more effective parent.
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Which of the four types of parenting do you use?
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