Early Pregnancy Signs: Am I Pregnant?

Early pregnancy signs appear anytime between the first and fourth weeks.  If you are aware of pregnancy symptoms, you can identify them easily. Many wait until their monthly menstrual cycle is missed or go for medical tests to confirm. But an early recognition of signs is more exhilarating, especially when it is a planned pregnancy.

Pregnancy signs appear soon after conception

The earliest pregnancy signs show up well before you take cognizance of missed periods. Right from the day of conception, a woman’s body undergoes changes. Pregnancy symptoms come to fore in a week or two. However, women, unaware of many of these, fail to link these signs to having a baby on the way. It is not uncommon for a woman to misunderstand these as symptoms of gas, weakness, sickness, or lack of nutrition. She becomes aware of her pregnancy only when these signs become more pronounced requiring her to undergo pregnancy tests after a few weeks.

The following are a list of symptoms that can be the early signs of pregnancy in a woman.

Light Spotting, Cramping Start Soon After Conception

Implantation bleeding visible in the form of light spotting is the earliest pregnancy sign. This starts when the egg begins to attach to the wall soon after the conception. Mild abdominal cramping similar to those experienced during menstrual cycles may be there. The cramping may not be persistent but is felt often. Thickening of vagina walls causes a white, milky discharge. However, when such a discharge hints at pregnancy, there is no itching or burning sensation.

Sore Breasts May Be Pregnancy Signs

Breasts turn sore and tender with hormonal changes following fertilization of the egg. A pregnant woman is more likely to find her breasts swollen, sensitive, sore, heavy, or fuller. The rising hormonal levels preparing the body for impending pregnancy cause tenderness in breasts.  Some feel a stinging sensation when wearing bras while many women complain of breast pain. The areola around the nipple turns dark. This condition is usually visible in the first or second week of your pregnancy. Sore breasts ease up in a few weeks when the body becomes accustomed to hormonal rise.

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Feeling of Exhaustion Common in Early Pregnancy

With the onset of pregnancy, a woman looks visibly tired with sudden fatigue setting in. Many believe it is a fall out of anemia, lower blood pressure, or absence of nutritional food. However, the rapid rise in the level of progesterone hormone following conception is the real reason.

With rising progesterone in the body, a pregnant woman experiences sleepiness and feel the pinch of fatigue. The condition continues until the end of the first trimester. Increase the intake of protein and iron-rich food and take rest to overcome fatigue and weakness.

Nausea and Vomiting Most Visible Pregnancy Signs

For ages, nausea, and vomiting are considered the most identifiable signs of pregnancy. However, at the early stage, nausea is mild compared to morning sickness, which is observable only after the sixth week into pregnancy.

On the other hand, early pregnancy-related nausea is noticeable by the second week. It may occur at any time during the day. Many pregnant women feel light headedness, queasiness, and acidity-like symptoms in their stomach. Food aversion is very common at this stage. However, there may be cravings for certain particular foods.

Missed Period Confirms Pregnancy

A woman thinks about pregnancy only after she misses her monthly menstrual cycle date. This is also the most believable reason for women to seek a pregnancy test.

There may be other reasons too for missed or delayed periods, such as stress, traveling, or sudden stopping of birth-control pills. However, missed period is still considered as the foremost pregnancy sign.

Being Gassy, Heartburn Also Pregnancy Signs

Increased gas is a common sign of pregnancy when seen along with queasiness in the stomach. Flatulence sets in with rising hormonal levels and a woman can feel it right from the first week after conception. Excessive gas may hit the alimentary canal any time during the day leading to the feeling of abdominal bloating, fullness, and cramps. The symptoms may range from mild to moderate levels and are similar to premenstrual symptoms. Digestive changes due to pregnancy may also result in heartburning sensation. It worsens as you bend or lie down.

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A pregnant woman may also experience early-morning headaches, urge for frequent urination, constipation, mood swings, mild backaches, elevated basal body temperature, increased sensitivity to odors, and dizziness or fainting.

No single symptom is a sufficient indication of pregnancy. A woman at the early stage of pregnancy may experience all or most of these symptoms collectively. Medical test following identification of these signs is the only way to confirm pregnancy.

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