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Week 19 of Pregnancy

By week 19, your baby is as big as a mango. He weighs around 8.5 ounces and is around 6 inches long. As your fetus continues to develop, his legs are now longer than his arms. First-time moms are unlikely to feel anything for a few more weeks, …

Week 18 of Pregnancy

As week 18 of pregnancy begins, your baby is now the size of a sweet potato. By this week, some pregnant women may begin to feel a few tiny movements their baby has been making for some time. Your Baby He is now almost 5½ inches long (from …

Week 17 of Pregnancy

At week 17, your baby becomes as big as the palm of your hand. He is learning to swallow and suck. Now, that you are beginning to show, chances are friends and even strangers are tempted to touch your tummy to acknowledge your pregnancy. Your Baby He is …

Week 16 of Pregnancy

By week 16, your baby has become as big as an avocado. While you continue to gain more weight, the baby’s vision and eyelashes are developing rapidly. Your Baby The muscles of your baby’s backbone and neck are much stronger. This makes him keep his head in a …

Week 15 of Pregnancy

At week 15, your baby is the size of an orange as he is 4 inches long, crown to rump. Even though you are unable to feel it, the baby continues to kick his little legs and flex his elbows. With every passing week, your fetus begins to …

Week 14 of Pregnancy

Your baby is as big as the size of your fist. This week is all about how he begins to sprout hair on his body, eyebrows and head. You will also be relieved from many symptoms that you found troubling during the first trimester. Your Baby Your baby …

Week 13 of Pregnancy

You are now 13 weeks pregnant. As your placenta takes over hormone production, you can finally say goodbye to most of the pregnancy symptoms. If you are still going through severe symptoms, now is the time to bring it up with your doctor so you can find an …

Week 12 of Pregnancy

As you enter the final week of your first trimester, your baby is the size of a small plum. Although it may seem as you have doubled over in size past few weeks, it’s actually the baby who has been growing inside you. Your Baby At week 12, …

Week 11 of Pregnancy

In the 11th week of your pregnancy, several changes will occur within your body. You have probably heard your baby’s heartbeat by now and some of the extreme symptoms, such as nausea and morning sickness, are reduced. You may finally be able to enjoy a night out, without …

Week 10 of Pregnancy

Congratulations, your developing baby is now called a fetus. The eyelids start to fuse for protecting the eyes. The fetus also does occasional breathing movements. It even receives its oxygen supply via the umbilical cord. The genitals begin to form and the skin becomes less translucent. Your Baby …

Week 9 of Pregnancy

The changes continue rapidly by the time you get to week 9 of your pregnancy. You are getting close to the end of the first trimester and hence you need to start preparing for the second trimester. The fetus is also developing rapidly and its length will increase …

Week 8 of Pregnancy

Your Baby at Week 8 of Pregnancy At 8 weeks, a close-up view of your little embryo reveals your baby has now webbed feet and hands. His tiny toes and fingers are beginning to become prominent and the tail it had has almost disappeared. There is also an upper …

Week 7 of Pregnancy

You Baby During week 7 of pregnancy, your baby’s vital organs continue to develop with most of the progress taking place in the face and head of his body. Your baby makes around 100 new brain cells every minute. By this week, the baby will develop its final …
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