10 Toddler Parenting Mistakes You Should Avoid

Toddler parenting mistakes are not uncommon. The little ones are smart enough to make you navigate a minefield while parenting them. Your missteps may have an influence on the personality and growth of your child. Avoid making parenting mistakes and make smart strategies to control and raise your tiny tots.

Avoid making toddler parenting mistakes

Playful toddlers keep parents on their heels and their activities can test parental limits. They want to do things on their own, leading to a lot of commotion and unsavory habits. Often parents are not able to be strict with their bundle of joy and allow them to have a field day. It becomes too late when they realize how their generosity has turned out to be a parenting mistake.

Here is a list of 10 most common and avoidable mistakes most parents of toddlers make:

Toddler Parenting Mistake #1: Failure To Be Consistent

Toddlers like to respond to routines and are more agreeable when things are consistent. They behave in a disciplined and predictable way when they have a fixed, regular daily chorus. If they know their daily time to bath, eat, or sleep, they are happy to comply with the same. If they know you may become angry at their misbehavior, they are certain to avoid it. However, if you are inconsistent and they have no fixed daily schedule, be ready to be at the receiving end.

Be consistent with your child and avoid parenting mistakes. Plan a regular routine for your toddler and refrain from making too many deviations.

Toddler Parenting Mistake #2: No One-on-One Time

A kid loves to spend time with their parents alone. It is also crucial for a mother or father to understand the toddler and develop an emotional bonding. However, many parents prefer to spend most of their time with the family and virtually leaving no time for one-to-one interaction with the toddler. Such parenting mistakes create a gap between both, and the gulp only widens as the child grows up.

Find out a few minutes every day to be with your child alone. Play with the toddler, tell them stories, or take the baby out for a stroll in the park.

Toddler Parenting Mistake #3: Overly Helpful

Parents often compelled by their love and affection cannot see toddlers struggling. They jump in to help their children in every possible way. But such action is uncalled for and may sabotage a child’s capacity.

This sends out a message that your child is unable to do anything themselves, raising concerns about their ability. Such parenting mistakes also make the child dependable on you for everything. The child also develops a sense of abhorrence for struggle. As the toddler grows, they fail to become self-reliant and look for parental help at every stage.

Toddler Parenting Mistake #4: Baby Talk, Too Many Explanations

Research shows toddlers are slow to learn and develop receptive skills when we talk to them like a baby. Their cuteness often brings out the child in you, and you like to converse with them in a baby tone. But this does them no good and may hinder their mental skill development, and their brain fails to generate effective vocabulary skills. Parents must not try to do baby talk; rather, use their original demeanor while communicating with the baby.

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While talking to a toddler, you should avoid explaining them about their misdeeds, especially when they turn errant. They may not yet be ready to understand your logic. If you start explaining them in detail about their actions, they may do the same again to see you talking. Better use a few words or limit it to a “no” when a toddler disobeys. Avoid eye contacts and let the child feel that you are angry.

Toddler Parenting Mistake #5: Kiddie Foods

You may find your toddler longing for “kiddie foods” every time they visit a store, restaurant, or supermarket. However, replete with sugar and devoid of nutrition, such junk foods are not the best choice for the health of kids. You may be committing the gravest of parenting mistakes when you are not attentive to the eating habits of your child.

It is essential to ensure that your child starts to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy food and limits the intake of junk and processed foods. Identify the nutritional needs of a toddler and list what to feed and how much. Find out ways to make them eat healthy, home-made food.

Toddler Parenting Mistake #6: Authoritarian Training

Parents often turn authoritarian while training toddlers. No doubt a well-behaved child is the dream of every parent, but forcing your kid to learn everything in an instant is a blunder. It is often seen that parents wheedle their children into potty training too early. Unable to understand, many innocent little ones fail to comply with the same and face harsh reprimand for their failure.

Thus an overly controlling attitude is one of the most visible parenting mistakes. As a result, many toddlers are more likely to lack self-confidence as they grow up. Too much control may also obstruct with their way of thinking. They may start fearing parents, and this affects your emotional bonding with the child.

Toddler Parenting Mistake #7: Too Much TV Time

Parents feel television is a good way to divert the attention of a naughty toddler. However, watching lots of TV is detrimental to the development of child skills and learning ability. Children below two years of age cannot understand what they are viewing on the screen. But they remain glued to it due to color and moving characters.

Switch off the TV and involve your child in creative learning pursuits. Let them play with blocks, chat with you, draw sketches or fill in colors, or make cardboard houses.

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Toddler Parenting Mistake #8: Being Overprotective

Toddlers have a world of their own and need some space to grow up and develop their own self. However, the parent in you tries to cajole them to stop tantrums too often. It is natural for a father or mother to consider the safety of their child over anything. But if you become overprotective, it is categorized as a parenting mistake.

Children of overprotective parents are likely to be shy, reserved, uninspiring, and without self-confidence. They exhibit a fear to act when they grow up, and this continues to affect their future life and skills.

Toddler Parenting Mistake #9: Using Bribery

Bribing a toddler regularly only emboldens them to extort more. It also impacts their behavior and shapes their thinking pattern as they prepare for school. They may also expect others to bribe them as you do.

Never bribe your child. It lacks any motivational impact. You should encourage good behavior and discourage misbehaving.  Reward them with an admiration for an appreciable act.

Toddler Parenting Mistake #10: Expectations and Comparison

A toddler is not an adult and their little shoulders are unable to carry the burden of your expectations. As a parent, you should be just and reasonable. Recognize the fact that the child is new to your world and is trying to learn things. Let them navigate using their learned and creative skills.

Refrain from making parenting mistakes by expecting your child to behave the way you do. It is okay to instill good behavior in your child, but ridiculous to expect them to behave like an adult. You should not try to confine your little one to set boundaries or face consequences. They must be allowed to explore and learn on their own. Just provide them with guidance without too much coercion. Let them learn to develop self-regulation without cajoling.

Every toddler is unique and a comparison between two is certainly a mistake. Treat each child as different from the other and try to understand their distinctive mind-set and physical attributes while allowing them to develop their own skills.

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