Traveling With Baby: Tips For A Hassle-Free Vacation

Traveling with baby is often viewed as a hassle, and parents prefer to miss vacations citing care for the baby. No doubt, a baby needs lots of attention and feeds frequently and you may not be at ease with such demanding tasks while on holiday. However, with adequate and effective preparation, you can turn traveling with your baby into a smooth and enviable experience.


Tips for hassle-free traveling with baby

Here are a few simple tips and tricks that can make your vacation with a baby amazingly smooth and without any discomfort.

Traveling With Baby: Is Your Baby Travel Ready?

Cautious parents avoid taking the baby outside in the first few months. They cite inconvenience, lack of care, and fear of infections as possible reasons. But your baby is travel ready within a few weeks. Unless you have more than usual reasons to shun vacations, you baby is ready to travel by air, road, or train a month after her birth.

By the third month, your baby is perfectly suitable to travel without the need for any certificate or special permission. The biggest advantage is that a baby never minds whether he sleeps at home or in a car or in the hotel room. But once he starts moving around, you may face more challenges while traveling.

However, your own readiness is in question. You must not plan your travel until you have fully recovered from childbirth. Premature babies or those with health problems may not be as strong as normal ones to travel after three months.

Traveling With Baby: Give Attention to Details

Pay attention to details while traveling with a baby. Apart from the selected destination, you should also look at the time of journey, comfort, and facilities during the journey, carrier guidelines about allowing babies, and special provisions for infant feeding. Many airlines need you to carry a medical certificate while carrying an infant.

Also, read about the weather at the destination and hotel facilities available. Carry baby gears accordingly. When the journey is too long, divide it into various parts or select a nearer holiday destination.

Traveling With Baby: Advance Planning and Preparation

Plan your travel, and travel with a plan. Your advance planning must include the feeding and changing needs of your baby. Make a list of gears you have to carry along or confirm their availability at your holiday home. Observe the daily needs of your child closely and plan how to satisfy them while traveling with a baby. Carry a special bag containing all essential baby gears and medications.

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Plan everything ahead and write down and analyze the details of your schedule. Ponder over potential problems that may crop up and plan to address each one with adequate preparation. For example, how to feed or put your baby to sleep, how to change nappies, whether you need to carry baby food, where and how to breastfeed, what type of gears you need, and where to seek help in case of any emergency. A child does not have many requirements and you can easily handle her with care and preparation. She can easily settle with parental care.

Traveling With Baby: Health and Safety

Infectious diseases are the most potent threat to the health and safety of your baby while traveling. However, a careful and cautious approach can avert any threat and make your vacation fun filled, without any such hassle. Carry a first-aid kit for infants in your luggage. Have a hat and window shields to protect the baby’s skin from sun rays.

When traveling with a baby on road, a baby car seat is an essential requirement. Carry a few baby towels for your little one, because infants are at a high risk of allergies while traveling. Never forget to have moisturizers and sunscreens in your bag. Give your baby a pacifier to suck or breastfeed her while landing or taking off while traveling by air. This saves her from having ear pain or sensations.

Traveling With Baby: Feeding Tips

While traveling with a baby, nursing mothers can breastfeed without any problem. It is a good idea to be prepared for this by wearing comfortable clothing for breastfeeding while traveling. A loose fitting gown and nursing bras facilitate better breastfeeding. You may use a baby wrap or blanket while nursing your baby.

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Alternatively, you can carry baby food and warm water in an insulated bottle. When traveling on a flight, you have the option to preorder baby food. Carry travel-sized packs of infant formula, sterilizing equipment, and multiple bottles – both sterilized and pre-sterilized – considering the length of your vacation.

Have extra water bottles exclusively for the baby. At your holiday home, it is better to boil water than buy packaged water. Carry enough diapers and rash lotion. Store baby gears in a way that these are easily accessible.

Traveling With Baby: The Essentials To Pack

With right pieces of travel gear, you can make traveling with a baby smooth and enjoyable. For a very young baby, you need a pram or stroller, as it is not easy to carry her in your arms all the time. Ensure it is lightweight and easy to carry.  The list of essentials must include a blanket for the baby, nappies, a nappy rash cream, wet wipes, dresses suitable for both traveling and weather at the destination, and a couple of toys.

Don’t forget to carry your camera to capture the traveling moments of the little one. Soft toys are more preferable, as these are lightweight and easy to carry. Include resealable or disposable plastic bags in the list to store used nappies and soiled baby clothes.

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